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The World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) preaches about God the Mother Bible truth. It is because the Bible testifies to Elohim God meaning “Gods” such as God the Father and God the Mother(Heavenly Mother Jerusalem).

Especially, what we pay attention to is that eternal life, the goal of our faith will be given through God the Mother who appears in the last days. Then what is the will of God for giving us eternal life? Let us check it out through the Bible.

Is there a building that was built of itself without an architect? No one would think that a building was built of itself although we haven’t seen the building being built. A car made up of about twenty thousand parts is built as someone’s blueprint.

Then what about the human body? Does the human body consisting of about 60 to 100 trillion cells, exist of themselves? There is nothing that exists spontaneously without someone who made it.

Nevertheless, we just make an excuse, saying “Nobody made it” because human’s range of thought is limited, Then who was it that designed life and how?

God the Mother, who is life designer that we must know.

God the Mother, who is life designer that we must know.


WMSCOG 1: God Who Designed life

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” -Revelation 4:11-

God designed all things and created them as the blueprint of God. Birds in the sky, fish in the sea and animals on the land live as designed by God. From now on, above all things, let us think about ‘life’ since we must find out who the life designer is. What kind of plan did God make for life? Through whom does God grant us life?

God made life be given through mothers. Inside of the mother’s womb, a baby gets eyes, hands, feet, and all of the internal organs. Why did God create life only through a mother, not a father? It is because there is the special God’s will about the design of life.


WMSCOG 2: God’s Will in Creating Life through Mothers.

Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise. -Galatians 4:28-

People of heaven who believe in God are called the children of promise. Then what kind of promise did God make to us?

And this is what he promised us–even eternal life. -1John 2:25-

God designed eternal life and promised to give it to us. But when we think about the principle of all things created by God, In the process of giving and receiving life, life doesn’t come out spontaneously. How did God design life to be given then? Through whom can we receive life? It is absolutely through a mother. This is the way of giving and receiving life designed by God.

The reason why God specially designed life in this way is to let us know that eternal life, the promise will be also given through Mother of our souls.


WMSCOG 3: God the Mother Giving Us Eternal life.

Most churches teach us that only one God, the Father exists and created human beings. But they misinterpreted the Bible, the blueprint of God for eternal life. Let us find why they are wrong.

It is said in the Bible that the earthly system is a copy and shadow of the heavenly system.( Hebrew 8:5 ). Then how do all people receive life in this world which is the shadow, they all receive life through their mothers. Considering all the principles of the earth, through whom is the eternal life given to us in the spiritual world which is the reality? Through our spiritual mother, eternal life must be given.

Then who is the spiritual mother? Since the Bible testifies that only God has eternal life. ( 1 Timothy 6:16 ), She must be God who has eternal life. If not, how can She give us what She doesn’t have? Accordingly, we can understand that there exist not only God the Father but also God the Mother.


WMSCOG 4: Creator, Not God But Gods.

That’s the reason why God said: ” Let US MAKE man in OUR image” when creating human beings.

“Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…” – Genesis 1:26 –

Here, “We(us)” refer to the “Creators” who made us, human beings and the Creators are God, but not one. If God the Father created alone, why did God say not “ME” but “US?  “US” or “OUR” the plural term shows that God the Creator is more than one. Then how many Gods are there?

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” -Genesis 1:27-


WMSCOG 5: The Male Image and the Female Image of God.

There are 7 billion people living on earth, then why do you think 7 billion people are men or women?  It is because God created people in the image of God as testified in the Bible.

We are copies of God so we can understand God’s invisible quality – divine nature through ourselves. Look around you, then you would see only two kinds of people like men or women. Which means there are two images in the image of God, and that’s the reason why two kinds of people came out such as man and woman as the final result.

Therefore, If we call the male image of God the Father, we should call the female image of God the Mother. Eternal life is allowed only to those who believe in both God the Father and God the Mother. Let us find out the existence of God the Mother in the Bible.

 ” But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother. “– Galatians 4:26-

Here, our mother refers to God the Mother, the Mother of our souls. Since there is no life without a mother, surely there exists God the Mother, the life designer giving us eternal life.

As you may remember, the space shuttle Columbia exploded in mid-air in the past. It is because it was well designed but there was one part that wasn’t properly made as of its blueprint. In the same way, the Bible is the life blueprint designed by God for giving us eternal life. Even though God designed the 6000 years’ redemption work to let us receive eternal life through God the Mother and allowed us the Bible which is the blueprint if we deny or ignore the existence of God the Mother, how can we receive eternal life?

That’s the reason why God said not to add anything or take words away from the Bible.. ( Revelation 22:18 )

If we take even one from it, we cannot get the eternal life like the space shuttle Columbia exploded due to one defect. Therefore, we hope that you all meet God the Mother giving eternal life as instructed in the Bible in the World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) where God the Father and God the Mother(Heavenly Mother) dwell.

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53 thoughts on “God the Mother and Life Designer -WMSCOG.

  • Every Creatures can’t receive the Life without their Mother. It means that we can’t receive the Eternal Life without God the Mother. So the Bible exactly testifies about God the Mother who gives us the Water of Life.

  • We can find out the existence of female image of God through God’s creatures and the Bible. We have God the Mother who gives us eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • In the Book of Romans, Paul said that God shows the invisible and spiritual world through the physical things in this world. Just as life of children is given through physical mother, the spiritual life for children of God is given through the Spiritual Mother, God the Mother.

  • It is amazing rule of God who is creator. Life designer, Almighty God are God the Father and God the Mother. So we have to know and believe in them for giving eternal life. They are our spiritual parents who give us spiritual life and lead us to eternal heaven!

  • Amen!! It’s very true. God let us understand Their divine nature through the creatures that They created on this earth and show us Their will of creation. No creature can be given life without a mother. This is the very nature thing and we can easily understand that we, human beings, can be given eternal life through the Mother of our souls. All thanks and glory to Elohim God.

  • It is so natural and sure principal that if there is Father, must be Mother as well. Same as in the spiritual world for God is the creator of all: both physical and spiritual world. Heavenly Mother is being here on earth with so much love and warmness toward us, Her children.

  • Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.
    Thr this verse, we can see how God will give us eternal life, Just as everything in this world is given physical life thr a mother, so we will be given eternal life from God the Mother. That’s the God’s plan.

  • We are children of God the mother and father.
    So they give us eternal life and we can be with them forever.
    This is so enormous blessing!

  • Life can not be given without mothers, this is the providence of God the Creator.
    So our eternal life can be given from God the Mother who has eternal life.

  • in earthly system, a mother is very important beings who gives life to her children.
    in the same way in heaven there is heavenly mother and she gives us eternal life .

  • Without mothers, we can’t exist here on earth, likewis, without Heavenly Mother, our soul can’t exist in heaven.

  • God created that all creatures could receive life through their Mother. This system let us know that eternal life could be given by spiritual Mother, God the Mother.

  • We can believe that God the mother exists through many things on this earth. I truly give thanks to God for this great blessins.

  • Our bodies are very elaborate. They must have been created by the great creator. The great creators are God the Father and God the Mother. They created our bodies and they are creating our spiritual life.

  • Yes! every things were created by God and when God created all things God put his will in all things.
    this is sure because even we don’t make something without purpose.
    among them creating mother is also will of God . God would surely want to testify the existence of God the mother through this.

  • We can realize easily the existence of God the mother through all creatures. Just as we receive life through a mother, we can receive the eternal life by believing in both God the father and God the mother. Thanks to Elohim god for being our heavenly parents.

  • It is very amazing for those who do not know God the mother. Before 2,000 ago, many Jew didn’t believe Christ Jesus because of their prejudice. Now is also same situation. We hope all Christian believe in God the father and God the mother that testify in the Bible except their false thought.

  • God created that all creatures receive their life from their mother. It means that our eternal life also will be given by spiritual Mother! It is so simple and easy to understand.

  • How great God the mother’s glory. Mother is really God who creat all universe and give us eternal life.

  • A Life can be delivered only through Mother!
    It’s a great blessing that we became children of Heavenly Mother who gives us eternal life.
    Thanks to Elohim God.

  • I’m thank to Our creater, God the father and mother for giving the deepest love and guiding the true way of eternal life. We love the Elohim god!

  • As our physical lives are given from our physical mothers so our spiritual lives,namely,eternal lives will be given from our spiritual Mother,Heavenly Mother. This is why mother is a life designer.

  • Every creation made by God contains the will of God. As normally we inherit the lifespan of 70~80 years from our mothers in this world, so we can inherit eternal life only from our God the Mother who owns eternal life.

  • The eternal life is finally given through God the Mother as well as God the Father.
    It is truly amazing that the Bible testifies about this wonderful fact!

  • I don’t why, but i didn’t realize that there is the female image of God in the Bible. I was created according to the female image of God, Awesome! I feel even closer to God.

  • I thought that the reason that God is referred to as Elohim (Gods) in the Scriptures is because of Trinity……but this post is reasonable.

    • I also thought like you. It’s amazing and interesting. God exists as male image and female image; Father and Mother.

  • Through Heavenly mother, the result of my life has become heaven.
    Thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother !

  • All creatures are ultimately received the life by their own mother, like this, we can ultimately be received eternal life by God the Mother, our spiritual Mother.

  • Finally I realize how to exist me, where I come from and why I live on this earth though the Bible. There are God the Father and God the Mother. They have come to this earth where sinners live on to give salvation.

  • Amen. Only the Creator God, who has eternal life, can give us eternal life. There is not only God the Father but also God the Mother. Mother came to this earth to give us eternal life. We can surely return to heaven when we believe in God the Mother and follow Her wherever She leads.

  • Just as we will get a physical life by our physical mothers, the spiritual life will be given by God the Mother who have life designer.

  • Nada en este mundo existe por sí mismo. Sólo existe Dios, que no tiene principio ni fin de vida. Dios Todopoderoso creó todo el universo y nos concedió incluso la vida eterna.

  • Wow!!~ It’s amazing. According to this, I knew that we receive the spiritual life from God the Mother. So, There exist God the Mother. The Bible testifies about God the Mother.

  • Every living being has a mother who gave birth to him.
    In other words, a world without a mother is without life.
    Through this principle, we must realize that there is a spiritual Mother who will give us eternal life.
    All living things clearly show that we have a spiritual mother. Therefore, we can never deny the existence of God the Mother or make excuses for did not knowing her existence.

  • Without God the Mother, there would be no eternal life. Let us come to the Spirit and the Bride, God the Father and God the Mother, who give us water of life.

  • The Bible teaches everything in this world was made by the will of God. God precisely designed eveything in this world for His people to get eternal life and to enter heaven without fail. Then how did God design to give us eternal life ? When it comes to life, we can’t help but think a mother. Why ? we all were born of our mothers not of fathers in this world and that’s by God’s plan to teach us God the Mother who gives us eternal life at the end. Now God the Mother has come to this world in the flesh so as to complete the redemption work by giving us eternal life. Plz come to Church of God where God the Mother blesses us with eternal life.

  • “Bible testifies to Elohim God meaning “Gods” such as God the Father and God the Mother.” It is very thankful to God that I can realize God the Mother as well as God the Father.

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