June 7, 2021


Baptism... When should we get it?

2023-05-11 14:32

God has allowed us to have many blessed words to keep in the process of receiving salvation

and going to heaven.

Just as there is a saying that we should put in the first button in our lives,

the first button is very important in faith.

Baptism is the first step for us who believe in heaven.

When should we get that baptism?


Let me give you an example?

  1. Someone had a medical checkup and was diagnosed with cancer.

      What does he need most?

   -> He needs surgery urgently.

  2. Someone fell into the water while playing in the water during summer vacation.

      What does he need most?

      -> We need to rescue him urgently.


Why do we have to do it urgently?

Because if he miss the time, he lose his life.

The most necessary thing for us who sinned in heaven is sin.

That is, baptism.


According to Proverbs 27:1, "Don't brag about your work tomorrow,

              for you don't know what happens in a day."


The Bible says not to brag about tomorrow's work.
In fact, if you look at our reality, you can say that life is not expected to happen in just an hour.

This is our reality..
Is it in God's will to receive the baptism six months later or a year later?

Baptism is a preparatory process for our souls.

So the apostles Paul, Peter, and Billy, Jesus' disciples, baptized immediately according to God's will.


God has allowed all these blessed regulations only for our salvation.

Baptism is also a precious word of God that contains God's great love.

I hope we can be baptized and go to heaven.



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  • 2023-05-12 02:55

    It is best to follow the guidance of the Bible in all things.
    Following the teachings of the Bible regarding baptism is also the best.

  • 2023-05-12 11:59

    Baptism tells us that if you realize the truth, you should receive it immediately, and it clearly shows that it is God's will.

  • 2023-05-14 21:30

    Baptism is as soon as we realize the truth, we should receive the sign of salvation. Let's all be baptized immediately!

  • 2023-05-15 13:29

    It is the teaching of the Bible to be baptized immediately after hearing the Word and realizing it, but there are too many churches today that do not follow the Bible.
    I hope all of you come to the Church of God, where baptism is performed according to the Bible and receive precious blessings.

  • 2023-05-15 13:35

    God tells us through the Bible that we must be baptized as soon as we realize it. Nevertheless, many churches in the world are delaying baptism for various reasons, but we must realize that this is a wrong act and an act against God's will.
    It is not right to delay baptism, which holds the promise of salvation, any more than it is to delay urgent surgery.

  • 2023-05-15 13:39

    It is important to find the church that baptise people immediately, as soon as the people realise the truth.
    The more imperative and decisive fact which makes the true church outstanding is baptising people in the name of the Holy Spirit. You may ask and say, what name? Holy Spirit is just Holy Spirit. However, Jesus Christ Himself said that we should be baptised in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. There must be a name of the Holy Spirit just as the Father's name being Jehovah and the Son's Jesus. And as the matter of fact, Jesus also taught that He will come back with a new name in Revelation chapter 2 and 3. What is the new name then? The new name is Christ Ahnsahnghong and we should be baptised in His name and WMSCOG is the true chuch that baptise people immediately with His name!

  • 2023-05-15 13:41

    The Bible says don't brag about tomorrow's work. It is God's teaching to be baptized right away.

  • 2023-05-15 13:42

    Our lives are pitiful beings who can't even look ahead.
    It's like being like a lantern in front of the wind that you don't know when you'll die.
    Therefore, the baptism to receive the forgiveness of sins, the blessing of new life, and the grace of salvation must be received immediately after hearing the gospel. And after I was baptized, Jesus showed me an example
    We must be taught and keep the gospel of the new covenant that has awakened us.
    So, the apostles who had been taught by Jesus also baptized immediately after preaching the gospel.