June 7, 2021


The Sabbath day that God commanded to keep

2023-05-04 14:15

When is the worship day that God commanded?

The Bible testify that the day of worship ordered by God is the Sabbath day.

Many people say they believe in God, but they do not keep the Sabbath day that God commanded.

Can it be said that it truly believes in God?

In John 14:15, God said, "If you love me, keep my commandments."

If we truly believe and love God, we must keep the Sabbath day that God commanded.

Do you truly believe in God?

Do you truly love God?

You have to keep the Sabbath day.

This is way to God truly believes and loves.

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  • 2023-05-05 11:27

    The Sabbath that the Church of God observes is not an abolished commandment, but a commandment of the new covenant that must be observed until the end of the world. The Church of God keeps the Sabbath day and the Ten Commandments holy.
    Since the Church of God observes the Sabbath, worldly churches are claiming that the Sabbath was abolished because it was the law of the Old Testament. The Sabbath that our Church of God observes is the word of God that must be observed and is the fourth commandment among the Ten Commandments. Keeping the Sabbath means keeping the Ten Commandments.

  • 2023-05-05 13:00

    Wow amaizing I didn't know that.. Is this so really? I have ever don't think sabbath day. because I going to church sun day. But I know sabbath day now.This is God gifted for me. So I think should keep the sabbath day!!

  • 2023-05-05 13:04

    God leads to salvation only when the holy Sabbath is observed
    Let's keep the Sabbath in Church of God and go to heaven together!

  • 2023-05-05 13:31

    I truly believe in God.
    I truly love God.
    I'll keep the Sabbath.

  • 2023-05-07 12:23

    The worship day taught in the Bible is the seventh day observed on Saturday, the Sabbath. God created the heavens and the earth and all things in six days and rested on the seventh day, setting this day as the Creator's Memorial Day. However, most Christians today do not keep the Sabbath on the seventh day, Saturday, but on the first day, Sunday. Even Sunday comes from the day when pagans worship the sun god, so worshiping on Sunday is idolatry to serve the sun god. They could serve the highest god, but only served a lower god called the sun god.

  • 2023-05-07 15:16

    God's people keep the Sabbath. Saints to be saved keep God's commandments!

  • 2023-05-10 04:11

    The way to truly know whether someone loves and believes in God is to observe whether they keep His commandments or not.
    The Sabbath day is the one of God's commandments.

  • 2023-05-20 14:15

    The day of worship set by God is the Sabbath

  • 2023-05-29 10:48

    WMSCOG is the only church that keeps the Sabbath intact as God said