June 7, 2021


God's will is shown in all creatures.

2022-10-15 07:21

God created all things with God's will. (Rev 4:11)
So, we can know what God's will is by showing in all things, creature which God has created.
Then, Let us think about life.
From where is came All physical life?
Physical life is given by their physical fathers and mothers. There is no exception.
Then, what about the spiritual life?
We can receive the spiritual life by our spiritual father and mother.
Therefore, God has showing the existance of God the Mother.
Let us come to God the Mother so that we receive the spiritual life and salvation.
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  • 2022-10-15 12:30

    If we have fixed ideas learned from the ordinary church about God, we can not find out God the mother.
    There is one more God in the Bible.
    The last secret of the Bible is the female image of God.
    If we have a humble mind we can see the Female image of God.

  • 2022-10-16 10:22

    The Bible says that all things were created by God's will. Let's think about life, who gives lige to us? All living things have their mothers who give life to them, then, what is the will of God in creating mothers?? It shows that who gives us eternal life. Jist as our physical life is given by our mothers, our spiritual life is given by our spiritual Mother, to get eternal life, there must be God the Mother. That's why the Bibel clearly testifies that children of God has God the Mother.
    Only those who believe in God the Mother can get eternal life.

  • 2022-10-16 19:12

    Most of Christians believe in God the Father only. Then, we should think about why God the Father who is only God created the world where life is born of a mother. In this world created in the will of God, even little insects receive life from their mothers. The most important thing for all living things is life. However God gave such a important role to a mother. It is because thru this world, God wants to teach us the existence of God the Mother who is the source of eternal life.

  • 2022-10-18 12:49

    Amen. We all have mother who gave birth to us. Nobody think it is strange thing. But many Christians think it strange that we have heavenly Mother, although they believe heavenly Father. Is there father on this earth who has no wife who is mother of his children? Heavenly Mother is our God who gives us eternal life.

  • 2022-10-18 13:07

    Even though scientific technologies are developing, the role of Mother cannot be changed. Only Mother can give birth to their children. Likewise, we must receive eternal life from our Heavenly Mother!

  • 2022-10-18 13:05

    Our souls receive eternal life and salvation through Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.
    I was a sinner in heaven who ran to death without realizing the existence of the soul and without knowing the work of God's salvation.
    I am truly grateful to God for holding the hand of such a sinner, making me realize the secrets of the Bible, my heavenly parents and my heavenly family, and giving me the opportunity to return to my eternal heavenly hometown.

  • 2022-10-18 13:08

    All things were created by God's will. Among them, our physical life is given by their fathers and mothers. Then, let's think about eternal life. Who can give us eternal life? Only God the Father and God the Mother give us eternal life. So the Bible testifies the existence of God the Mother as well as God the Father through all living things. Let's believe in God the Mother and receive salvation.

  • 2022-10-18 13:15

    Most people love their physical mother. They feel comfortable when they are with their mother. Like this, our soul can feel comfortable when we are with our Spiritual Mother, Heavenly Mother.

  • 2022-10-18 13:24

    The reason why God created us so that we can receive physical life through our physical mother is to let us know of the existence of God the Mother, who gives us eternal life. Therefore, in order to receive eternal life and return to Heaven, we must believe not only in God the Father, but also in God the Mother.

  • 2022-10-18 14:54

    Amen! God has given us a lot of consideration so that we can realize God the Mother. No matter where we live on the planet, we can see that wherever there is life there is a mother. God, who created the heavens and the earth, has taken care of us so that we can realize our Heavenly Mother. Thank you for God's love.

  • 2022-10-19 13:36

    Through the existence of physical mother, God showed us the existence of God the Mother, who gives us life. Let us come to Heavenly Mother and receive eternal life!

  • 2022-10-19 13:39

    We can know God the mother in all creatures and we can receive the spiritual life through her.

  • 2022-10-19 13:43

    The members of the WMSCOG say all the time that we are happy because we have Mother(God the Mother).Which means we are truly the children of God who will receive eternal life from God the Mother. Thru all creation created by the will of God, we can confirm the fact that a mother is the source of life. Just as a mother is the last life-giver in this world, so God the Mother is the one who gives us eternal life at the end. This is why God the Mother, who didn't appear in Jesus 'age, appeared together with God the Father according to the prophecy of the Spirit and the Bride. Without God the Mother, no one can receive eternal life and enter heaven. Now is the timing of receiving God the Mother. Plz come to the Church of God where we can study the prophecies about Her thru the Bible!

  • 2022-10-19 15:21

    All living things in this world receive life through their mother. And they live as long as their mother has.
    If life is given to us by our mother and the only person who has eternal life is God, then of course there must be God the Mother, who gives us eternal life.