June 7, 2021


Heavenly Mother and Solomon’s Wisdom

2021-07-07 07:39
As we may have already learned Solomon's judgment that distinguished between the true mother and the false one, teaches us about the existence of Heavenly Mother.

How does Solomon distinguish between the false mother and the true mother?
The false mother did not care about the life of the child
This is the characteristic of the false mother.
The true mother made every effort to save the life of the child.
On the other hand, the false mother did not care about the child at all. to the actions of the two mothers, Solomon was able to discern who the true mother was.
The true mother was distinguished from the false mother because saving the life of the child was all the true mother was concerned about

When we find the true mother through the wisdom of King Solomon, we can restore the eternal life that has been lost.

As we already know that the bible gives us wisdom for salvation then we can learn wisdom through this verdict.
We should preach Solomon's wisdom to all people in Samaria and to the ends of the earth so that people around the world can find the true mother through this lesson.

The true Mother allows us to receive the water of life because She wants to give eternal life to all mankind.
She leads the children to the truth of the tree of life.
She also awakens our souls by calling us to receive the water of life.

The reason the Bible records the wisdom of Solomon distinguishing the true mother is to let us know that we have God the Mother who gives life to all mankind. This is the special love of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

It is the Church of God that has God the Mother, who gives the water of life to all mankind without cost.

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  • 2021-07-07 11:03

    I wondered why there's only one story about the wisdom of Solomon even Solomon is the king of the wisdom!!! It says about the importance of 'Mother.' God said that there is Mother who is very important to us through the judgment story of Solomon!! 🙂

  • 2021-07-07 11:12

    he Bible testifies of God the Mother, all things testify, and science testifies.
    Among the words of the Bible that contain the wisdom of salvation, the wisdom of Solomon and the history of his mother are not just stories or fables.
    It is also God who put these stories in the Bible.
    Behind Solomon's wise judgment is the true love of a mother who values the life of her children, and such a mother's love also shows the love of our Heavenly Mother.
    I sincerely thank Heavenly Mother who values the life of her children more than her own, and I will keep her faith as her mother's child until the end of the world.

  • 2021-07-08 12:31

    Now, I'm following God the Mother as a member of the WMSCOG. Concerning my belief on God the Mother, some people say negatively. Even Christians say that believing in God the Mother is heretic and not biblical. I also had the same attitude before learning the prophecies of the Bible.
    God's words in the Bible are absolute and undeniable. Do you know that God has mentioned the existence of God the Mother even in the book of Genesis? The core of the wisdom of salvation is recognizing and following God the Mother, the fountain of the water of life.

  • 2021-07-12 02:08

    People say that King Solomon is the king of wisdom. Solomon is the king of Israel and is a character in the Bible. However, there is only one scene where a judgment was made with the wisdom God had given. That is to find the True Mother. We also have Heavenly Mother, and even false churches mention God the Mother. God the True Mother, who will lead our souls to heaven, can only be discerned by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that God gives us. Only God the Mother was revealed by Christ Ahnsahnghong, the Savior in the age of the Holy Spirit. She is our Heavenly Mother, who gave us the water of life, gave us eternal life, and led us to that heaven, as the savior in the age of the Holy Spirit and the bride of the Holy Spirit.

  • 2021-08-17 10:32

    Bible was given by God to let us know Savior who will come as a flesh. In this age-the age of Holy Spirit, the Spirit and the Bride are our savior was testified on Bible. This above prophecy of Solomon also shows us who is true God the Mother.