June 7, 2021


How to know God?

2022-07-17 04:35
How to know God? Is it possible to pray hard? Is it possible to do volunteer work?
God said that the Bible is the surest and fastest way to identify God's Savior.
However, we must see through the eyes of prophecy, not by understanding and recognizing everyone just by reading.
The Bible interpretation that the Root of David tells us is the way to know the correct God.

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  • 2022-07-17 06:22

    'The Root of DAVID', He is Ahnsahnghong. Why? we can know through the Bible. Because He restored the Passover of the New Covenant, the Blessing(Isaiah 55:3, Give ear and come to me; listen, that you may live. I will make an everlasting covenant with you, my faithful love promised to David). Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother!!~

  • 2022-07-18 13:55

    Amen. People who believe the Bible, should believe the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong who came as the Root of David. The Bible testified He is the Christ according to all the prophecies of the Bible.