June 7, 2021


Life Inherited from Mother

2022-07-15 14:54
God longed for mankind who are wandering in darkness to find the way to eternal life.
So, through all things He made, He clearly showed His eternal power and divinity so that people could know God.

Living things created by God have a fixed lifespan.
It is said that a mayfly literally lives for about a day after becoming an adult.
Dogs live an average of 15 years, and elephants, the largest terrestrial animals, live about 60 years.

Even though we live in the same environment as Earth, what is the reason for such a difference in the lifespan of different animal species?
This is because each animal inherits a set life span from its parent.
An ephemera can only live one day because its mother ephemera only lives one day, and an elephant can only live for 60 years because the lifespan of its mother elephant is only 60 years.

No matter how hard we try to live long, we cannot live for hundreds or thousands of years beyond the life span we inherited from our parents.

There is a deep providence in God's creation of all things in this way.

1 John 2:25
And this is what he promised us--even eternal life.

God has promised to give us eternal life.
Just as living things on this earth inherit their life from their parents, it is saying that God will become the Father and Mother of our spirits and will pass on the genes of God's eternal life to us.

All living things inherit a set number of lifespans from their parents.
Especially today, with advances in science, it has been found that the driving force of life's activity is all inherited from the mother.
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  • 2022-07-15 14:59

    Many kings and queens tried to get eternal life.
    However, Nobody couldn't live forever. their life span was around 70years or 80 years.
    Through this article, I can come to know the reason.
    Their mothers' life span was also 70~80 years old.
    I really thank to God who has eternal life so that I can have eternal lfie.

  • 2022-07-15 15:07

    Who determines the lifespan of a person? What about tortoise? Dogs? If you look at the mitochondria in our body, it is like the lunchbox of life, and our lifespan is determined. However, it is really strange and surprising that these mitochondria are transmitted through only the mother. And we realize that this is to let us know that the Mother of the soul exists. Let's go to heaven together with Heavenly Mother and live happily ever after.

  • 2022-07-16 12:17

    Just as our physical life is given by our physical mother, our spiritual life is given by our spiritual mother who is God the Mother.
    Whoever believe in God the Mother, he can inherit the eternal life.

  • 2022-07-19 13:23

    As our physical life is inherited by our physical mothers, our spiritual life is inherited by our spiritual mothers. We need to gain the eternal life. How can we receive the eternal life? The Bible says that we can receive the eternal life by our spiritual mother. So, we must become the children of God the Father and God the Mother. And the Bible says that God the Mother is our spiritual mother and she is the bride who will give us the water of life in the last days. Then, where is the church which believes in God the Father and God the Mother together? WMSCOG is the true church where believes in God the Father and God the Mother according to God's teachings in the Bible. Let us come to God the Father and God the Mother to be inherited the spiritual life, eternal life.