June 7, 2021


What Is Heaven Like That God Has Prepared?

2022-05-25 01:12
What is heaven like that God had prepared? Can you imagine it?
We imagine heaven, but it won't be heaven because there is the unimaginably good place.
Sometimes, I can watch paradises in movies and I imagine heaven we will go to.
And it makes my heart flutter when I think heaven is a better place than paradises shown in the movies.
Thus, we shouldn't miss the good place and try to enter heaven.
The bible teaches us the way is to follow the guidance of God the mother and God the father.
I hope all of us can enter the kingdom of heaven and enjoy the blessing in there.
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  • 2022-05-25 05:16

    Everyone wants to go back to the heavenly home which we can not see. So, God prepared the kingdom of heaven for his loving children and taught us the way of the kingdom of heaven through the Bible. We can believe the invisible world and hope for eternal life through the Bible. When we study the Bible, we can meet our heavenly parents and Heavenly home. We can go back to the kingdom of heaven by believing in Elohim God, our heavenly parents. We must follow the teachings of God in the Bible.