June 7, 2021


Whom Should We Be Most Thankful To?

2022-05-21 09:41
Whom should we be most thankful to? It is Elohim God.
We are sinners and we had to go to hell but Elohim God never gave up.
They sent us to Earth. Here is the place where we can repent our sins.
In other words, our life is the last chance to enter the kingdom of heaven.
Elohim God taught us those who keep the New Covenant are able to enter heaven.
How thankful it is! We can't deny it if we think about the weight of our sins.
Thus, we are always grateful to God!

[2 Thessalonians 2:13]
But we ought always to thank God for you, . . . because from the beginning God chose you to be saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through belief in the truth.

[1 Thessalonians 2:13]
And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but as it actually is, the word of God, . . .
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  • 2022-05-22 06:18

    If we know that we are sinners, we are naturally grateful to God. If not, then we don't really know ourselves.

  • 2022-05-22 11:35

    Sometimes, when things don't go the way we want or when we face difficult moments, we lose our gratitude to God and make the mistake of resenting.
    However, we should only give thanks and praise to God, no matter what difficulties and sufferings arise.
    The difficulties we face in this world are too easy and light to pay for our sins in heaven.
    And Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother promised that they would come back to this earth and give us the blessing of forgiveness of sins and eternal life through the truth of the new covenant and take us back to our heavenly hometown.
    For that fact alone, we should always give thanks only to God.