June 7, 2021


The Life Looking Toward Heaven

2022-05-03 09:45
As God's children, we must live our life toward the kingdom of life in every day.
When we think toward the heaven, we can do valuable work with firm faith and live with joy and happy.
Thus, as gospel workers, we should preach the gospel of the new covenant to all nations.
And we should also keep the truth of the new covenant and obey the words of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who lead us to the kingdom of heaven.
Let's enter the kingdom of heaven which is the most beautiful and happiest place, our spiritual home.

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  • 2022-05-03 14:29

    We speak and think depends on what we listen and watch. It is the same in spiritual situations. To go forward to kingdom of heaven, heavenly things should be given to our life. The spiritual things come from God. we can have strong faith by keeping the commands of God so that we can be pure people of God and enter the kingdom of heaven.

    • 2022-05-04 07:11

      The bible says that we have a better country, the heaven. So, we need to think of heaven more than the earthly things.
      Because God prepared a beautiful world human being could not imagine!!
      Let's go forward heaven!

  • 2022-05-04 13:35

    You know what? The Bible says that we were angels living in a glorious life in heaven. However, we committed a grave sin like a penalty death. As a result, now, we are living on this earth because we were cast down from heaven to this earth.
    Actually, we can't go back to the kingdom of heaven by ourselves. That's why Jesus came down in the flesh and established all the truth of the new covenant which leads into the way to salvation, and in this age, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother have allowed us to keep it. I truly give thanks to Father and Mother.

    • 2022-05-05 00:10

      That's why we need Saviors who give the water of life and forgiveness of our sins to us. Let's believe in God Elohim and go to our home in heaven.

  • 2022-05-04 14:41

    Amen!! Although life on earth is sometimes difficult and painful, if we hope for the eternal heaven that is granted to us, we can overcome it. We hope for heaven and will faithfully keep the feasts of the new covenant that Heavenly Father and Mother have commanded us to keep, and we will joyfully preach the gospel of God.