June 7, 2021


God's Promise and Heaven

2022-03-09 08:32
God has shown us that life on this earth is not everything, but that there is an eternal kingdom of heaven to which we will return when our life on this earth is over.
However, God taught through the records of the Bible that the kingdom of heaven, which is full of eternal happiness and joy, is not a place where anyone can return, but only those who have faith who do God's will.
We, sinners in heaven, who have already committed the unforgivable sin and came to this earth, must come to the spiritual Zion where the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother reside in order to receive the forgiveness of sins and receive eternal life and return to the eternal kingdom of heaven.
And in Zion, we must keep the feast of the new covenant, which God promised the eternal forgiveness of sins and the blessing of eternal life.

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  • 2022-03-09 12:41

    We can stay with Elohim God in Zion where God's feasts are celebrated and hope for the kingdom of heaven. How blessed we are!

  • 2022-03-10 12:49

    God leads us to the kingdom of heaven. So Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother came to this earth and restored the Passover of the New Covenant to give us the forgiveness our sins in heaven and to give us eternal life to return to the heaven. The Zion where Elohim God dwells keeps the truth of the New Covenant. Let's go to heaven.

  • 2022-03-10 13:42

    The kingdom of heaven is the place which there is no death or pain mourning or crying. Do you know who can enter heaven?
    We can find this question to answer through the teaching of Jesus.
    Jesus said that not everyone who believes in God can enter the kingdom of heaven but only those who follow the will of God can go into heaven. To reach heaven, we should know what the will of God is.
    2000 years ago, Jesus established the new covenant for sinners who committed in heaven to be forgiven their sins and to allow them to go back to the kingdom of heaven.
    However, the new covenant was abolished. That's why the Bible prophesied that Jesus would appear a second time to bring salvation for His people. According to this prophecy, Christ Ahnsahnghong restored all the truth of the new covenant for sinners. I truly give thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong.

  • 2022-03-10 14:36

    The new covenant is something that God gave us as a gift and it’s a token of promise.

  • 2022-03-11 02:29

    God promised forgiveness of sins and eternal life to those who dwell in Zion. Zion is the place where God's feasts, especially in this age the New Covenant establishe by Jesus Christ are kept. And now, there is only WMSCOG where Christ Ahnsahnghong established and Heavenly Mother is. Let's go to WMSCOG and keep the feasts of the New Covenant so that you can enter the kingdom of heaven together.

  • 2022-03-12 14:43

    Amen!! I earnestly wish to go to heaven. I love Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. And thank God for his sacrifice and love. I hope that you will fully observe the feasts of life that God has given you and enjoy a glorious and happy life with God in heaven.

  • 2022-03-14 11:25

    God's children have a 'mother'. Satan the devil doesn't know a mother's love. That is why they are shouting out loud that they can dare to deceive and harass their children and lead them to hell. However, just as the mother Sarah kept and protected the young Isaac and made him the heir of Abraham, God the Mother will protect and protect her children until the end and make them heirs of the kingdom of heaven.
    No matter how clever the devils are to deceive children, as long as God the Mother exists, God's children will surely overcome Satan the devil and return to 'our home in the kingdom of heaven'.