June 7, 2021


Mother who gives life

2022-03-07 23:13
Who gives physical life?
She is Mother.

It is same in the heavenly family.
In heaven, there are our God the Father and God the Mother and they give us spiritual life which is eternal life.

Mother is most important to gives us life.
Let us believe Jerusalem Mother whom Christ Ahnsahnghong testified and receive eternal life.
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  • 2022-03-08 01:45

    The mother's role in the birth of life is absolute. What is the will of God in establishing this process? What does God want to tell you?

  • 2022-03-08 02:43

    Amen! Just as a mother gives life to her children, the children of God can receive eternal life from God the Mother, our Spiritual Mother. In this world, only WMSCOG teaches the existence of God the Mother. It means God the Mother is in Zion, the World Mission Society Church of God. Without God the Mother, we cannot receive eternal life and salvation. Let's believe in God the Mother and preach the truth of God the Mother to the world!

  • 2022-03-08 05:32

    Amen. Without God the Mother we cannot have eternal life. That is God-made law and love for us. Let's follow God the Mother to the end.