June 7, 2021


Those who rely on God's Word and those who do not

2022-01-28 11:29
In any age, when you believe and obey the Word of God, He has given you blessings that you could not have imagined.
The reason why God recorded the examples of our ancestors of faith in the Bible is that he left them as a lesson and made us realize the attitude of faith we should have through the lessons.
The Holy Spirit and the Bride, who came as saviors in this last age of the Holy Spirit, are our God who has fulfilled all prophecies of the Bible.
First of all, I hope that everyone who learns and understands Elohim God through the evidence of the Bible can receive the blessing of salvation from God by relying on and obeying all the words of God.

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  • 2022-01-28 12:18

    Those who believe and obey the words of God are blessed. When we believe in God and obey the words of God, we can receive salvation and blessings from God. It's the grace of God. I'm so happy.

  • 2022-01-29 13:14

    In the life of faith that hopes for heaven, the views of others or my thoughts are not important. Who is leading you to heaven? It is God. If you follow God's guidance, you will soon be in heaven. We will become God's children who depend on and follow the word of God to the end.

  • 2022-01-29 13:37

    Ancestors sincerely received God who came in the flesh. They believed every scriptures. Likewise we also must believe all scriptures about Christ. The bible says the Spirit and the Bride come and allow us the water of life. Those who have faith in the bible 100% can receive true saviors and have blessing of salvation from God.

  • 2022-01-30 10:22

    Those who obey the word of God can be recognized as righteous. Those who judge and act based on their own thoughts and experiences are not the ones who sincerely obey God's Word. They value their own judgment and experience more than they believe in the power of God's Word. For this reason, they do not depend absolutely on God‘s Word, and they do according to their own thoughts, resulting in unfavorable results. Those who value God's Word and act in obedience can be saved and go to Heaven because only God knows the way to Heaven and can show us the way. Therefore, let's become children who always depend on God's word and follow in obedience to it.

  • 2022-01-31 06:50

    Obedience has great something to do with eternal salvation! Those who want to be saved must listen to God's words carefully. God has created the whole universe. All things came into exist when God's words were uttered. God has come down and preached the gospel of the new covenant to bring eternal salvation to us, the mortal beings. And, also taught us instructions with the words of heavenly love. When we put into practice what They have said, then, we'll be created as heavenly ones! This is why we have to depend on Elohim God's words with all our hearts.

  • 2022-02-02 14:32

    God's word is like a light house guiding us in the darkness or a compass indicating where to go. So without God's word, we can't move forward to enter heaven.