June 7, 2021


God the Mother

2022-01-17 14:05
All creatures are born through their mothers.
In other words, all living things receive their life through their mother.
So our physical life is given by our physical mother. Likewise, our eternal life is given by Spiritual Mother.
Furthermore, the Bible testifies about Heavenly Mother who gives us eternal life.
Without Heavenly Mother, we can never receive eternal life.
Let's believe in Heavenly Mother who gives us the water of life in this last age and return to the kingdom of heaven.

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  • 2022-01-18 12:25

    All things created by God testify of Heavenly Mother. Wherever there is life, there is a mother who is the source of that life.
    No one can have life without a mother.
    Through the words of Revelation, God says that God has put His will in all things, and through the writings of Romans, God has revealed the invisible divinity of God in all things, so that no one can make any excuses.
    If anyone does not unconditionally believe without even confirming the existence of the mother of our souls, which is clearly evidenced in this way, they will never be able to make any excuses before God.

  • 2022-01-18 13:31

    We can receive eternal life through God the Mother who created our spirit with God the Father. Our physical life is also given to us through Eloim God. It can never be changed. Because, we are God's creatures.

  • 2022-01-20 14:47

    Amen. God created all things by His will. So, it is also God's will that the living creatures receive life through their physical mothers. God wanted us to know that we can receive eternal life through spiritual mother through it. So, the Bible testifies about God the Mother who gives us eternal life. So, let's believe in Heavenly Mother and receive salvation!

  • 2022-01-21 01:17

    I met my mother, whom I had separated from when I was young, as an adult. This child does not know the face of her mother, whom she broke up with when she was young.
    Who knows the mother of this child? This is the child's father. The child's father told the child who the mother was, and the child was able to meet the mother.
    Our souls also sinned from heaven and came down to this earth, forgetting all the memories of heaven and living. But the children do not remember. Then, who can tell us about the existence of God the Mother?
    Only God the Father can tell us about God the Mother. So, God the Father came to this earth first. And Father made God the Mother known to us.

  • 2022-01-22 13:48

    Today, I preached the gospel of God the Mother's coming with the water of life. He was attending a Catholic church, but it did not matter. He acknowledged that he believed in God the Father. So, I asked where he had heard about the existence of God the Mother through his members. I opened the Bible and showed him the biblical evidences concerning the existence of God the Mother. I want him to realize God the Mother, who has come in the flesh with the free gift of the water of life. God the Mother is the source of eternal salvation and apart from God the Mother, there's no future at all!

  • 2022-01-24 14:16

    All mothers love her children.
    Our God the Mother loves us so much.