June 7, 2021


I Have Already Come!

2021-12-06 02:44
Christians today make up a significant percentage of the earth's population.
Many Christians are waiting for the Second Coming Jesus and are still looking at the sky.
It is because of the desire to receive the Second Coming Jesus, which was prophesied that He would come on the clouds.
No matter how much you look at the clouds in the sky, God has already come to this earth.

He came and said, 'I have already come,' but the world does not know Him.
And He has come with His wife, our Heavenly Mother at His Second Coming.
Our Heavenly Father and Mother have already come. They came to give life.

We, who have gained the authority of children by believing in His name, thank Heavenly Father and Mother who came to this earth for our salvation, and we must quickly testify to the world of God Elohim who have already come.

Revelation 22:17
The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" ... take the free gift of the water of life.

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  • 2021-12-06 04:58

    Amen. Many Christians are still waiting for the Second Coming Christ by looking at the sky. However, the Second Coming Christ has already come and He is giving the water of life with His wife, the Bride. How can we recognize Him? It's only through the words of the prophecies of the Bible. That's why we study the bible diligently. The Second Coming Christ restored the New Covenant of the Passover. So, Christ Ahnsahnghong is our Savoir in the last age who brought the truth of the Passover of the New Covenant and allowed us eternal life.

  • 2021-12-06 06:41

    Amen. In the last age, the Spirit and the Bride come to this earth to give us salvation. So we should receive the Spirit and the Bride to be saved. The Spirit is God the Father and the Bride is God the Mother. Let’s believe in Elohim God and enter the kingdom of heaven!!

  • 2021-12-07 13:09

    Amen, We should realize the meaning of clouds in the prophecy that the second coming Christ will come on the clouds so that we can be saved.

  • 2021-12-07 07:18

    The appointed time arrived, the fact that both our God the Father and God the Mother exist turned out to be true thru the prophecies of the Bible and only those who receive Them with a firm faith are to be saved in the end. So we members of the Church of God are making every effort to deliver the message of God across the globe !

  • 2021-12-12 09:07

    Most Christians today are waiting for Christ to come as the Last Judge.
    However, the prophecies of the Bible tell us about the appearance of the Second Coming Christ differently from what people expected.
    The Bible tells us exactly when the Saviors of the Age of the Holy Spirit and the Bride will come, and what evidence can identify them. Do not wait for God as people think, but fulfill all the prophecies of the Bible and receive the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong, the savior in the age of the Holy Spirit who has already come, and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother, I hope that everyone will be able to receive the blessing of salvation.

  • 2021-12-19 00:42

    The spiritual world is dark, God's truth is lost, and we do not care about God's commandments and prophecies or the changes in the world that are made according to the prophecies other than God's chosen people. God shines with the light of truth, so even if the spiritual world is revealed, only God's people courageously follow the light. It is the Holy Spirit and the Bride who brought that light of the gospel. When you go to that light, the darkness will disappear and you will see the way to heaven.