June 7, 2021


Why Do We Have to Study the Bible Diligently?

2021-11-28 13:17
We should study the Bible diligently because it has the solution to lead us salvation and eternal life. If we had no knowledge about the Bible, we might be deceived by false prophets who have been trying to pervert the truth and the gospel of the New Covenant. What they teach is a different gospel which is no gospel at all and is leading our souls to destruction. To avoid those tragic results, we should try to study and learn the Bible.

God taught us how to discern between false prophets and true prophets through the Sabbath.

Ezekiel 22:26
Her priests do violence to my law and profane my holy things; they do not distinguish between the holy and the common; they teach that there is no difference between the unclean and the clean; and they shut their eyes to the keeping of my Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them.

The prophets who keep us from observing God’s Sabbaths are false ones that we must watch out for. Since the Sabbath is the sign between God and His children, observing the Sabbath is very important for our salvation.

Exodus 31:13~14
Say to the Israelites, ‘You must observe my Sabbaths. This will be a sign between me and you for the generations to come, so you may know that I am the Lord, who makes you holy. Observe the Sabbath, because it is holy to you. Anyone who desecrates it is to be put to death; those who do any work on that day must be cut off from their people.

We can find the way to receive salvation by studying the Bible diligently. When we follow the sound teachings that God has given us through the Bible and keep our faith in God Elohim, the promise of eternal salvagtion will be given to us. Let us work diligently for the gospel of Christ, which Heavenly Father and Mother granted us.

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  • 2021-11-29 00:46

    Amen. What we have to do for entering the Kingdom of Heaven is to study the Bible diligently. In this sinful world, it is easy for God's people to be tempted by evil things. In order to focus on the heavenly kingdom of Heaven, we must keep the words of God in our hearts continuously. God lets us distinguish the truth from falsehood through the words of God. Let's study the Bible more diligently so that we can be with God the Father and God the Mother.

  • 2021-11-29 12:52

    The Bible is a book that testifies about Savior. So, through the prophecy of the Bible, we can recognize Christ. This is the reason why we should study the Bible diligently. We can be saved when we meet Savior. So, let's look into the prophecy of the Bible and receive the Spirit and the Bride!

  • 2021-12-01 14:08

    we need to confirm what truth is through the Bible. although many people worship on Sunday as is customary, that is not the truth for salvation. Sunday worship is not in the Bible and not God's teaching. the way that we can distinguish the truth from false is the Bible's record. that's why we study the Bible diligently. In order to be saved, we should keep the Sabbath as was written in the Bible.

  • 2021-12-20 11:52

    The Bible is a book that gives wisdom for our souls to be saved, and it is a book that testifies to the Savior who saved us.
    If anyone ignores and disobeys the teachings of the Bible, not only cannot receive the blessing of salvation from God, but it is also a terrible thing that can lead to the destruction of the soul and even a curse.
    We are weak beings who cannot foresee the future even for one minute, one second.
    Do not take lightly the teachings of the Bible that God, who has foreseen the end of time from the beginning, has given us to instruct and educate us, learn the attitude of faith we should have as children of God, and realize and receive the true God, God Elohim. I hope that all mankind can receive the blessing of the forgiveness of sins and salvation from God.