June 7, 2021


All the Words of God Contain Blessings

2021-10-14 03:34
God loves us and he always wants we can receive his blessings.
His words contain blessings and when we follow his words we can get the blessings.
To keep the new covenant in Zion is the first step we can keep his words.
All God's words are the words of love from Elohim God. We have to know it.
Remember that when we try to keep the new covenant, we can receive the blessing of the eternal life.
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  • 2021-10-14 09:22

    Amen. To keep the words of God is the living way. God gave us the commandments for our salvation. So, we should keep it to be saved. The New Covenant Passover, Sabbath day and all the feasts of God are for our salvation. Let's keep it together and receive eternal life!

  • 2021-10-14 12:40

    Indeed, all God's words contain God's blessings for the salvation of our souls. our forefathers were blessed when they were faithful to God'swords with all their hearts. God wanted to know whether they obeyed His words or not.
    And, this is the same with us, who have received Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother as the Spirit and the Bride.
    In Zion, Elohim God leads us to the heavenly kingdom with the words of the water of life.
    We'll be saved when we put into practice what They have said!

  • 2021-10-14 13:13

    When we keep the words of God, we can receive the blessings of God. All the words of God have the love to save us. To give us salvation, God established the truth of the new covenant of life such as the Sabbath, Passover, and 7 feasts of three times. So we must obey God's words with love and firm faith. In this last ages, we should keep the teachings of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who give us salvation and eternal life. And then we, God's children, can receive Elohim God's blessings and return to the kingdom of heaven.

    • 2021-10-15 12:37

      If we love God,we would keep the words of God- It's the words of God. Therefore, we have to keep all for our soul going to heaven !!

  • 2021-10-18 12:12

    Our forefathers were saved when they were so faithful to the words of God. They tried to put into practice what they heard from God because they believed that they would be blessed while doing so. Indeed, we'll be blessed when we listen to the words from the Spirit and the Bride. Elohim God's coming is for the salvation of our wretched souls. They preached the gospel of the new covenant and allowed us many instructions as the wisdom of salvation. No one will be saved apart from God's words.