June 7, 2021


King David & the New Covenant in WMSCOG

2021-10-14 02:34
(Psalms 132:13~18)
For the LORD has chosen Zion, he has desired it for his dwelling: "This is my resting place for ever and ever; here I will sit enthroned, for I have desired it- I will bless her with abundant provisions; her poor will I satisfy with food. I will clothe her priests with salvation, and her saints will ever sing for joy. "Here I will make a horn grow for David and set up a lamp for my anointed one.
I will clothe his enemies with shame, but the crown on his head will be resplendent."

It is prophesied that the LORD God will come in the name of king David. many prophets prophesied that David would appear in the last days and restore the truth of life of the early Church which was taken away.
King David chose the fortress of Zion and desired to return to it. The Fortress of Zion is closely related to David. The LORD God is to come in the name of David, so we must recognize him who comes in the name of David as our God.
It is a prophecy that God will come to save us, who could not see the light of salvation because the truth of the early church was considered. Who is it who restored the truth to us again and made us see the light of the glory of salvation?
it's The Second coming Jesus Christ Ahnsahnghong. Because only God retored, the Root of David, the new covenant again.
Worship is taken from the spiritual King David, who established the perfect truth and built Zion(WMSCOG)

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  • 2021-10-14 05:53

    Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the truth of salvation, the New Covenant for our salvation according to the prophecy of the Bible.
    We must follow the way of God who came in the flesh through the prophecy of the Bible to recognize our savior of this age and receive salvation from God.

  • 2021-10-14 13:24

    Only Christ Ahnsahnghong fulfilled the throne of king David. Therefore, he is the one that we have to seek and revere him at the last day according to the prophecy of Hosea 3:5

  • 2021-10-15 07:17

    Amen. The Bible prophesied that Christ will come again according to the prophecy of the King David. It is Christ Ahnsahnghong. He fulfilled all the prophecy of the King David. He rebuilt Zion by restoring the New Covenant. So, He is the second coming Christ and the Savior of this age!

  • 2021-10-15 01:09

    Christ Ahnsahnghong, the Second Coming Christ, who came to fulfill the work of Christ for 37 years according to David’s prophecy. Jesus came over David and was baptized with the spiritual anointing at the age of 30. He preached the gospel for 3 years instead of 40 years. Church of God Ahnsahnghong came to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible that Jesus could not fulfill. Church of God Christ Ahnsahnghong is the Second Coming Christ who came to this earth as the consolation of David to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible. All prophecies in the Bible will always come true no matter how evil the evil one is.

  • 2021-10-15 12:48

    When studying the prophecies of the Bible about the Christ, it's amazing to recognize God coming in the flesh. In the Bible, there are so many prophecies of the Bible. Among them, let's think about the prophecy of king David. 2000 years ago, Jesus came according to the prophecy of king David. He didn't fulfill the prophecy. That's why the Bible prophesied that Jesus will appear a second time to bring salvation. Christ Ahnsahnghong came down in the flesh to bring the new covenant to lead us to the way to salvation. The Bible clearly testifies that Christ Ahnsahnghong is the 2nd Coming Christ we should meet in this age.

  • 2021-10-18 12:22

    Around the world, members of the WMSCOG are keeping the new covenant for the kingdom of heaven. Other churches are indifferent to keeping this new covenant. By the Bible, this new covenant is to be kept by those who have received spiritual King David. The Bible says that no one is able to bring the truths of life hidden in the Bible except this King David in the age of the Holy Spirit.
    It was Christ Ahnsahnghong who has revealed the secrets of the Bible, the new covenant. Christ Ahnsahnghong has established the WMSCOG on the basis of the new covenant.

  • 2022-01-21 14:04

    The name of our savior in the age of the Holy Spirit is Christ Ahnsahnghong.
    We must believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong to be saved.