June 7, 2021


What is Zion?

2021-10-07 06:45
Let’s find out zion from Bible.

Psalms 132: 13-14
For the LORD has chosen Zion, he has desired it for his dwelling,
“This is my resting place forever and ever; here I will sit enthroned, for I have desired it

Psalms 133 : 3
... there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.

Zion is where God exists. Zion is where God gives the blessing.
Where is Zion then?

Isaiah 33: 20... Zion, the city of our festivals; your eyes will see Jerusalem, ...

Zion is where God’s festivals(feasts) are held. What are God’s feasts then? (Leviticus 23:1~44)

--Sabbath (Leviticus 23: 3): The seventh day of a week.
--Passover (Leviticus 23: 5): At twilight on the fourteenth day of the first month.
--Unleavened Bread (Leviticus 23: 5): The fifteenth day of the first month.
--Firstfruits (Leviticus 23:9): The day after the Sabbath from Unleavened Bread.
--Feast of Weeks (Leviticus 23: 15): Fifty days up to the day after the seventh Sabbath from Unleavened Bread.
--Feast of Trumpets (Leviticus 23: 23): The first day of the seventh month.
--Day of Atonement (Leviticus 23: 26): The tenth day of the seventh month.
--Feast of Tabernacles (Leviticus 23: 33): The fifteenth day of the seventh month.

Which church keeps the feasts of God? Which church does God exist in?
World mission society Church of God(WMSCOG) keeps God’s feasts. WMSCOG is Zion.

God the Father and Godt the Mother are in the WMSCOG. Let’s keep God’s feasts and receive blessings abundantly.

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  • 2021-10-07 08:24

    Amen. The Zion is a place that keeps God's feasts and WMSCOG keeps all feasts of God. Therefore, WMSCOG is Zion where we can receive salvation. We can meet God in Zion and we can receive eternal life in Zion. So come to the Church of God and receive salvation!

  • 2021-10-07 12:18

    2000 years ago, Jesus established Zion, that is, a church with the new covenant: the Sabbath, the Passover, etc, for our salvation. The Bible says that Zion is the place in which we can be saved. However, all the truth of the new covenant was abolished as it was a prophecy. That's why we can find that so many churches do not keep it any more.
    In the last days, the Bible prophesied that God would appear a second time to bring back the new covenant for His people to save. Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the new covenant and rebuilt Zion, WMSCOG.

  • 2021-10-07 12:57

    Zion is the church where commandments of God are celebrated. God dwells in Zion. Therefore, we must go to Zion and keep the commandments of God to be saved.

  • 2021-10-07 13:32

    First, the Zion is a place of God
    Second, that God teach the truths to people of God in there
    third, giving people salvation and the forgiveness of sins
    fourth, celebrating feasts of God
    There are lots of God's blessings in Zion
    There is the World Mission Society Church of God. Come on !!

  • 2021-10-07 19:54

    Our salvation is given through God’s feasts. Without feasts we can not receive any promises of God. Jesus established Zion through the feasts. However it was disappeared after Jesus went to heaven. Jesus needed to come a second time to restore it. Christ Ahnsahnghong came and fulfilled it. He is secondcoming Jesus our savior.