June 7, 2021


The Church of God is completely different from the general Church

2021-09-23 06:02
The Church of God is completely different from the general church.
There is only one Bible book that God has given, but why are they so different?
Who could be wrong? Let's find the answer through the Bible.

1. Our Church of God is practicing the teachings of the Bible.
That is, through the words of the Bible, we find our savior and receive eternal life.
You can get eternal life only through the Bible, so you must follow the teachings of the Bible.

2. We believe in God the Father and God the Mother who testify through the Bible.
It is the Holy Spirit and the Bride, that is, God the Father and God the Mother, who give the water of life.
The Church of God believes in God the Father and God the Mother.

3. Unlike other churches, the Church of God offers Sabbath services instead of Sunday services.
Jesus also set the example of keeping the Sabbath.
Both Jesus and the apostles who were taught by Jesus kept the Sabbath.

4. We are keeping the Passover holy, which is blessed with the forgiveness of sins.
Ordinary churches do not keep the Passover and celebrate Christmas, but this is a sun god worship day that is not in the Bible.
The Bible tells us that we must keep the Passover.

5. There is no Church of God on the Cross that exists in general churches.
The cross is an idol made known by God.

6. Female members wear a head veil.

No matter how falsely rumored that the Church of God is a strange church, the truth does not change.
The Church of God where God is with us will never collapse.
A church that has God the Father and God the Mother, has the truth of salvation, and walks according to the teachings of the Bible

Only the Church of God!
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  • 2021-09-23 11:17

    Nowadays, there are so many churches rampant in the world. Which church is the true church we should go to be saved
    among them? The Bible teaches us that Jesus established church of God with the new covenant, which lead us to the way to the kingdom of heaven, by His holy blood shed on the cross. So, WMSCOG keeps the new covenant.
    The Bible says that God the Mother will appear in the last days to give eternal life to Her children. So, WMSCOG believes in God the Mother in this age. That's why WMSCOG is totally different from the other churches because WMSCOG follows only the Bible.

  • 2021-09-23 12:48

    I'm so proud of being a member of the WMSCOG established by Christ Ahnsahnghong. First, I'm sure that I'll enter the heavenly kingdom because Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother help me. Sometimes, my friends speak ill of my faith on Elohim God because they do not follow Them. Whenever I face such a moment, I give all thanks to God who allowed me spiritual eyes to the Bible.
    I've found out through the Bible that the water of life flows out from the Spirit and the Bride, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother! How can I deny the Bible before God?

  • 2021-09-24 06:59

    The majority is not always 'right' and what is different from others is not false. The criteria to judge right or wrong and good or bad should be the Bible. According to the Bible, the early church established by Jesus, where apostle John and Paul went was the Church of God and it was so different to be called " the Nazarene sect ". They kept the feasts of God in the way of the New Covenant established by Jesus. However, as time went on, the churches had secularized and the teachings of the New Covenant had disappeared for until Christ Ahnsahnghong restored in the present time. So now only the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) established by the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong, keeps the New Covenant Feasts. This is why its members say that the WMSCOG is the only authentic church in the world.

  • 2021-09-24 10:57

    WMSCOG is different with other churches which don't keep God's laws. However, there are so many people who think that they can be saved when they go to any church. We must know the church which keeps all of God's commandments and go there!!!

  • 2021-09-26 13:14

    The Church of God follows the commands of God as they are written in the bible. Unlike most churches, therefore, the Church of God keeps the Sabbath Day and the Passover. In the bible, the day of the rest is the Sabbath, which is the Saturday according to today's calendar. That is the day when Jesus and disciple kept the services to worship God and commemorate the creation work of God. The practice of the Sunday worship kept by the most so-called Christian churches is not biblical at all. We should discern what is true or false, which is crucial for our salvation.

  • 2021-09-26 13:35

    The Church of God follows the words from Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother giving the water of line at the last ages.
    God established the new covenant for our salvation, but general churches has not been kept the new covenant Passover and does not believe Elohim God. We should follow God's words and instructions according to the prophecy of Bible so we will get the eternal life and return to the kingdom of heaven by God's grace.
    If you learn more about Church of God, please visit to WMSCOG. God bless you.

  • 2021-09-26 13:37

    The Church of God prophesied in this age is the only church that follows the correct teachings of the Bible.
    Surely many people will know this and many will come to the Church of God.

  • 2021-09-26 13:38

    God the Father and God the Mother, the Sabbath day, the Passover, the regulation about veil and more... those are evidences that the reason of why WMSCOG is the real church where we must go for getting salvation and going back to Heaven!!! There are so many churches and doctrines, but only WMSCOG is the real church which is established by God!! 🙂

  • 2021-09-26 13:38

    It is the Church of God that keeps the perfect law that God came and established, the law of Christ, and the new covenant. The Church of God is keeping holy the Sabbath, the Passover, the Third Day worship, and the 3rd 7 feasts, which are the translated laws of Christ according to the teachings of the Bible. Not only the members of the Church of God, but if you truly believe in God, I hope that you will receive the blessing of salvation by keeping all the laws of Christ that God came and made perfect. If you are curious about the Sabbath, the Passover, the Third Day worship, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles, which are the laws of Christ, please come to the Church of God and check it out through the Bible.

  • 2021-09-26 13:38

    There're lots of differences between the WMSCOG and other churches. Outwardly, all churches seem to be the same, however, there's only one true church in God's sight!
    A true church should be faithful to God's will in the Bible. Other churches do not listen to what the Bible says while the WMSCOG is following God's will according to the Bible.
    Above all, no churches are following God the Mother,the source of the living water.

  • 2021-09-26 13:41

    How can we realize true church?
    We must check the church that is following the all the bible teaching completely.
    According to this article WMSCOG must be true church.
    All the bible verses were testified God the Father and God the Mother.
    If you want to find church which follow bible correctly you should check WMSCOG.
    May god bless you.

  • 2021-09-28 12:52

    The difference between the church made by man and the church made by God is like difference between heaven and earth. The Church of God follows God's teaching and the other churches follow man's.

  • 2021-09-27 22:47

    Only we follow bible teachings, we can see the truth God has made for us.
    We don't need to find another truth by men. Let' be wise and follow God's teaching for us.

  • 2021-09-28 14:01

    Not all churches are allowed listen to the voices from God, who is the way to heaven. Only the members of the WMSCOG will reach the heaven's kingdom because it is following Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

  • 2021-09-29 07:46

    The Church of God is the only and completely different from other churches. Above all, the church of God is the only church that God establishes and practices according to the truth of the Bible. If we truly want to receive salvation and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, then we have to go to the Church of God and believe in God Elohim.

  • 2021-09-29 14:00

    The Church of God is the church established by the Second Coming Christ Himself and is where Heavenly Mother, who is the last secret, is the master key of salvation.