June 7, 2021


The New Covenant[God the Mother] in our minds!

2021-09-15 00:48
Today, only the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) keeps the Passover of the new covenant and believes in God the Mother along with God the Father based on the Bible. We can get the water of life from God the Mother in this age of the Holy Spirit (Revelation 22:17.) We are now living in the safest world where God the Mother and God the Father dwell- Zion. There are so many people who do not know where to escape from the last disasters. We should help them get to know the truth from the Bible. Yes, we have God the Mother as well as God the Father. And She came down from heaven to this sinful world for our salvation according to the prophecies of the Bible. Let’s believe in God the Mother and go back to the Kingdom of Heaven!

But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother!”—Gal. 4:26


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  • 2021-09-15 05:38

    Amen. God the Mother is the Savior of this age. To receive salvation, we should believe in Heavenly Mother. She is the source of the water of life. Today, many Christians don't know about God the Mother. So let's preach Heavenly Mother to people in the world and lead them to Zion, the place of salvation!

  • 2021-09-15 11:26

    Amen!! Those who keep the New Covenant are with God the Mother because they realize the existence of God the Mother through keeping the New Covenant! 🙂

  • 2021-09-15 11:28

    It's very important for us to keep the new covenant which leads into the way to salvation as the Bible says that Jesus established it by saying ' This is for us' In this age, let's think about who allows us to keep it. The Bible says that the Spirit and the Bride will come in the flesh to bring the new covenant back to Their children. So, Through the new covenant, we can recognize the Savior coming to this earth to save us. As you know well, the Spirit is God the Father. Then, who is the Bride? The Bible says that the Bride is God the Mother to give eternal life. When keeping the new covenant, we can realize God the Mother as well as God the Father.

  • 2021-09-16 10:14

    God the Mother is full of love and mercy toward children of God. She has gone through all hardships and difficulties for us. We should repay such a beautiful love of God the Mother by repenting our sins and leading many to Her.

  • 2021-09-16 12:01

    The Bible clearly testifies that we have the God the Mother as well as God the Father.
    As it is written in Rev22:17 the Spirit and the Bride said come to get the water of life in the last day!
    They are very God the Father and God the Mother!
    everyone should know and realize God the Mother as well as God the Father in order to get salvation!

  • 2021-09-16 12:53

    Amen! The Bible clearly testifies about the existence of Heavenly Mother. Let's realize that our Mother is the source of the water of life in this last age and come receive eternal life.

  • 2021-09-16 12:58

    The water of life is the Passover of the new covenant. Jesus allowed us to have eternal life through it. The Spirit and the Bride give it too. God the Mother gives us eternal life. Those who have new covenant are children of Mother.

  • 2021-09-16 13:09

    We should believe and receive God the Mother who came down from heaven for our salvation. The bible testifies about God the Mother. We should realize about God the Mother who gives us the water of life through the bible.

  • 2021-09-29 08:55

    To be with God the Mother in Zion is a great blessing in this world! This means that you're guaranteed for the angelic world among many people!