June 7, 2021


Jerusalem that is above.

2021-08-29 13:25
Gal 4 : 26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our Mother.

Here Jerusalem is not a physical Jerusalem in Israel because it is called Jerusalem that is above.
Then what is the heavenly Jerusalem and who is Jerusalem to us.
The bible says she is our Mother. Right, we have our spiritual Mother as well. The reason why bible testifies God the Mother is we must believe her to be saved.

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  • 2021-08-29 14:15

    Isn't is great to know that we have our Mother in heaven. Just like we have mother on this earth, we have our Mother in Heaven. Mother is essential for life. To go back to kingdom of heaven, to receive life we should have Mother, who is the life giver. This is the providence of God. Thanks to Elohim God for letting us to have Heavenly Mother!

  • 2021-08-30 10:54

    Amen!! The Bible testifies that God the Mother exists and Jerusalem that is above is 'our Mother'!! The Heavenly Family becomes perfect through God the Mother and we get salvation through her! 🙂

  • 2021-08-30 11:50

    In the Bible, there are so many prophecies of the Bible about the Christ. As you know, Jesus came down in the flesh to save His people according to the prophecies of the Bible. In this age, too, the Bible prophesied that the Spirit and the Bride will appear in the flesh together to give eternal life to Their people. The Spirit is God the Father. Then, who is the Bride? The bible says that the Bride is the heavenly Jerusalem coming down from heaven. What is the relationship with Heavenly Jerusalem who gives us eternal life? The Bible tells us that the Heavenly Jerusalem is our God the Mother. So, The Bible shows that God the Mother will come in the flesh with God the Father to lead us to the way to salvation.

  • 2021-09-03 02:12

    Let's receive God the Mother who can have the right to give us the water of Life which is the master key of eternal life. She is with God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong. They are called by God Elohim.

  • 2021-09-22 12:42

    Jerusalem that is above has come to give us the eternal life.

  • 2021-09-30 13:15

    Do you know that heavenly Jerusalem has already come down, even with the water of life for all of us? Those who are following God the Mother will be glorified on that day!