June 7, 2021


Heavenly Jerusalem, The Reality of Ark of the Covenant

Alice Perkins
2021-08-28 18:17

The ark of the covenant is the chest to keep the stone tablets carved with the Ten Commandments. The
ark of the covenant was very important to Israelites.
In other words, the ark of the covenant was the center of the Israelites' lives and faith.

In the desert, the Israelites moved after the ark of the covenant was moved forward.
When the ark of the covenant made a pause, they stopped, too.
Likewise, the ark of the covenant was always with Israelites until entering the land of Canaan.

However, God said that the Israelites would not remember the ark of the covenant in the future.

[ Jer 3:16-17 ]
In those days, when your numbers have increased greatly in the land," declares the LORD, "men will no
longer say, 'The ark of the covenant of the LORD.' It will never enter their minds or be remembered; it
will not be missed, nor will another one be made.
At that time they will call Jerusalem The Throne of the LORD, and all nations will gather in Jerusalem to
honor the name of the LORD. No longer will they follow the stubbornness of their evil hearts.

The Bible said there will be a time that people will no longer remember the ark of the covenant, and said
that at that time, instead of the ark of the covenant, Jerusalem will be called the Throne of the LORD, and
all nations will gather in Jerusalem.

Then, who is Jerusalem that will be the Throne of the LORD?
She is Heavenly Jerusalem, our God the Mother.

[ Gal 4: 26 ]
But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.

According to the prophecy, the reality of the ark of the covenant, our Heavenly Jerusalem Mother, appeared.
Heavenly Jerusalem is the center of spiritual Israelites' lives and faith.
Just as the Israelites pursued the ark of the covenant, We, spiritual Israelites, have to follow God the Mother.

So, let us follow Heavenly Jerusalem who is the reality of the ark of the covenant so that we can be reached
the Kingdom of Heaven safely!

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  • 2021-08-29 01:16

    In the history of the Jews, there were great difference between the Jews and other people. The Jews were so blessed when they followed the ark of the covenant. Apart from the ark, there was no blessing but difficulties and pains to them.
    All blessings came from the ark of the covenant. This was all the same throughout the history of the Jews.
    Surprisingly, this was a prophecy to be fulfilled before us in the age of the Holy Spirit.
    What will be so valuable unless we enter the heavenly kingdom? Nothing in this world.
    Then, who will bless us to be saved? It's only God the Mother, who dwells in Zion (WMSCOG).
    God the Mother has come to us to clothe ourselves with eternal salvation.

  • 2021-08-29 02:01

    The Ark of Covenant is Heavenly Mother in this age. Our God the Mother is the leader of us, God's children. I will follow Her to reach the heaven, our home.

  • 2021-08-29 12:53

    God spoke with Israel on the ark. In the same way, Heavenly Jerusalem gives words to Her people. When Israelites reached the ark improperly, they were dead. We can understand heavenly Jerusalem has that power. We should have faith in God the Mother by looking at the history of the bible.

  • 2021-08-31 10:31

    Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, who took pity on these sinners in heaven, made them realize the Heavenly Jerusalem Mother who appeared in this last age of the Holy Spirit with the last secret of the Bible, and gave them the qualifications to inherit the eternal heavenly inheritance as Heavenly Mother’s children. I sincerely thank you.
    Like the ancestors of faith who valued and kept the ark of the covenant as their own lives in the Old Testament era, we will cherish and follow the heavenly Jerusalem Mother, who came to this earth as the substance of the ark of the covenant, to the end of the world.

  • 2021-08-31 12:55

    Now, thanks to Heavenly Jerusalem's coming, we can get salvation!! Let's meet the reality of Ark, Heavenly Mother, and get salvation together! 🙂

  • 2021-09-30 13:16

    How blessed I am to be with God the Mother in Zion! In Zion, my wretched soul is comforted within God the Mother's lovely arms!